Settling or going to court?

Often parties just keep on negotiating until they reach an agreement which is impossible to carry out. Therefore it is better to call a lawyer early, so he/she can prevent legal pitfalls. Often, this is more cost efficient, especially when the first introductory meeting is free of charge.

Festival season, how to prevent a criminal record

It’s summer and the festival season is here again. The Netherlands is known for it’s laid back policy regarding drugs. Soft drugs can be obtained quite easily, but also other narcotics can be bought easily. Therefore, many people goiing to parties assume that really everything is allowed. The legal reaility is otherwise and on many parties the police is very strict about the kind of drugs and the amount posessed.

In 2014, many people were fined. Accepting such a fine may be considered as an easy was to resolve the issue. A fine sometimes just seemed like a temporary pause from the party. However, accepting such a penalty results into a criminal record!

In many cases people were not warned (properly) in advance about this and for this reason many lawyers have complained about the way of conduct by the relevant authorities.

Therefore, we advise you to be reluctant to just accept the fine. If you want further legal assistance (afterwards), please do not hesitate to contact us.