Court rules Ryanair needs to compensate passengers (EU 261/2004)

Court of Appeal rules Ryanair needs to compensate passengers (EU 261/2004)

In September 2017 a flight from Malta to Eindhoven was delayed more than 3 hours. Four passengers transferred their claim to Claimingo who requested compensation from Ryanair, who did not pay. Therefore court action was inevitable.

Terms and Conditions

Ryanair argued that the transfer of the claim was invalid because its terms and conditions did not allow such a transfer. Also the company argued that there were extraordinary circumstances which caused the delay (unserviceable VHF radio for navigation).


At first the court did agree because passengers rights were not limited because of this clause.

Court of Appeal

The Court of Appeal in ‘s-Hertogenbosch ruled that such a clause was not allowed according to European Law (Regulation 261/2004). Therefore the transfer was legally valid.

According to European law, maintenance issues are the responsibility of the airline. In this case the court of appeal ruled that an unserviceable radio was the responsibility of the company.

[Note: EASA rules allow a flight if there are alternatives available. In this case an RNP approach.]


This decision is important because of the implications for airlines terms and conditions and pending lawsuits. The court of appeal confirms the general opinion about maintenance.

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