Formula 1: Vettel's early start in Japan (2019) Legal perspective and lessons

Formula 1: Vettel’s early start in Japan (2019) Legal perspective and lessons

Maybe you are a Formula 1 enthusiast like us and if this is the case you may have woken up early to watch the Japanese Gran Prix. The 2019 version was an exhilarating one to remember for years to come. The crash between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc may have been the start of the […]

Court rules Ryanair needs to compensate passengers (EU 261/2004)

Court of Appeal rules Ryanair needs to compensate passengers (EU 261/2004)

In September 2017 a flight from Malta to Eindhoven was delayed more than 3 hours. Four passengers transferred their claim to Claimingo who requested compensation from Ryanair, who did not pay. Therefore court action was inevitable. Terms and Conditions Ryanair argued that the transfer of the claim was invalid because its terms and conditions did […]

Aviation and compliance

Aviation and compliance

Few sector seem to be more regulated than aviation. These regulations have a major impact on day to day operations. Compliance issues may become safety issues when not handled properly. Eventually issues may lead to reputation damage and legal claims. How does your organisation keep track of all checklists, contracts, airworthiness directives? Compliance suite Bletchley […]

Settling or going to court?

Often parties just keep on negotiating until they reach an agreement which is impossible to carry out. Therefore it is better to call a lawyer early, so he/she can prevent legal pitfalls. Often, this is more cost efficient, especially when the first introductory meeting is free of charge.

Festival season, how to prevent a criminal record

It’s summer and the festival season is here again. The Netherlands is known for it’s laid back policy regarding drugs. Soft drugs can be obtained quite easily, but also other narcotics can be bought easily. Therefore, many people goiing to parties assume that really everything is allowed. The legal reaility is otherwise and on many […]